insomnia – put to sleep!

Insomnia really is a bitch, my worst enemy!

katze faul

Those who have suffered from sleep deprivation will know how incredibly tiresome this dysfunction is. Being robbed of the capacity to properly recreate is prone to undermine self esteem, productivity, immune system and health in general. It is what will slowly destroy you.



The  people who are facing this pit are desperate. They will try every pill and every sleeping agent, often making matters worse, and rarely reaching the goal to actually improve their sleep. They will often self medicate and make matters even worse.


In rare exceptions, pills are the proper answer, but in most cases the medicine that should be applied is a lot different. It is not about what pills we pop, it is about finding working remedies and consequentally using them.



We have to dig for the root of this evil and work on a solution to that which triggers us to stay awake instead of just sleeping as necessary. We cannot change the past but we do can and will change our attitude to it. We will let go that, which holds us down and prevents us from health, happiness and sleep


We will get used to new and more healthy, sleep inducing  behaviors. We will train ourselves to do what is right, not what is convenient. We may even use some complimentary healing methods to help us reach the goal of a relaxing, regenerative time.

reading teddy

Changes will be necessary and changes often are feared. But let us be honest: your strategies are failing you and setting you up for failing. Continuing a path of self destruction is not only unhealthy and counter-productive, it is also making no sense at all. Under no theory insomnia is a good thing to have, and so the necessary changes should be embraced not fought.


Welcome the new ways of healthy living and resting up, of energizing yourself and get in tune with the natural cycles.Working remedies and help is available at arms reach and quite affordable. Instead of wasting time, money, health and effort on that which makes matters worse, why not invest into yourself and give sleep, a chance?


Put that insomnia behind you and enjoy a good nights sleep.







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