Strict Motivation: 1602 how to teach an old dog new tricks

You cannot  teach an old dog new tricks, and old habits die hard. These are statements that have  a very true ring to them, but they also serve as excuses to avoid necessary change. 


Instead of trying to change against all odds we will have to change the odds first. I call this the kung fu approach. It has not that much to do with martial arts, nor cheap B movies – it has to do with the philosophy of kung fu, to use the energy presented for your benefit, instead of using up your own energy to fighting it. Energy efficiency will in fact be much more effortless for you and help you reap the benefits of your aspirations quicker, which in turn creates the momentum to keep you going.


Strict Motivation is the answer to your dilemma. Yes, old habits die hard, but they do die if we starve them. The old dog will not be taught new tricks. The old dog will be rejuveniled first. By making the old dog feel young again, by creating circumstances where  the dog has been and learned all those tricks that trick it now, and that need to change in a hurry, we set the stage for accomplishment and step away from the failing circus you had foolishly signed up for before.


Teaching you new habits, propelling yourself in life, inspiring you and resetting your compass will help you navigate through life more efficiently, effortlessly and with much more feelings of accomplishment and happiness.


Dont waste your time with resolutions and  adding vice advices you find in eZines and print media. Dont waste yourself on free available programs that rarely ever work, because they dont take you individually into account. And dont waste your money on life coaches who do this at their leasure, with ulterior motives or who want to create long term dependencies instead of empowering you to liberate yourself from what keeps you down.


Strict Motivation is a working individually tailored life coaching program at affordable rates. It has been created and maintained for over a decade and a half and has a success rate of over 90%. Full discretion and confidentiality always is implied.



Start over fresh, but this time learn to do it right!





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