insomnia – put to sleep!

Insomnia really is a bitch, my worst enemy!

katze faul

Those who have suffered from sleep deprivation will know how incredibly tiresome this dysfunction is. Being robbed of the capacity to properly recreate is prone to undermine self esteem, productivity, immune system and health in general. It is what will slowly destroy you.



The  people who are facing this pit are desperate. They will try every pill and every sleeping agent, often making matters worse, and rarely reaching the goal to actually improve their sleep. They will often self medicate and make matters even worse.


In rare exceptions, pills are the proper answer, but in most cases the medicine that should be applied is a lot different. It is not about what pills we pop, it is about finding working remedies and consequentally using them.



We have to dig for the root of this evil and work on a solution to that which triggers us to stay awake instead of just sleeping as necessary. We cannot change the past but we do can and will change our attitude to it. We will let go that, which holds us down and prevents us from health, happiness and sleep


We will get used to new and more healthy, sleep inducing  behaviors. We will train ourselves to do what is right, not what is convenient. We may even use some complimentary healing methods to help us reach the goal of a relaxing, regenerative time.

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Changes will be necessary and changes often are feared. But let us be honest: your strategies are failing you and setting you up for failing. Continuing a path of self destruction is not only unhealthy and counter-productive, it is also making no sense at all. Under no theory insomnia is a good thing to have, and so the necessary changes should be embraced not fought.


Welcome the new ways of healthy living and resting up, of energizing yourself and get in tune with the natural cycles.Working remedies and help is available at arms reach and quite affordable. Instead of wasting time, money, health and effort on that which makes matters worse, why not invest into yourself and give sleep, a chance?


Put that insomnia behind you and enjoy a good nights sleep.







seeking forgiveness, 160215



I will seek forgiveness and forgive myself
all those things I wanted to tell,
but had not had the strength
feeling I couldnt live
with whatever consequences I feared


today I will seek forgiveness and forgive myself,
all those white lies I spun
to veil and mask the truth
because looking at that cold truth
froze me mid tracks
and made me forget
the good person I aspire to be


today I will seek forgiveness and forgive myself
for the weaknesses I have had, and felt
for the lack of responsibility
for the bad accountability
fueled by fear or pain
and my own vulnerability


today I will seek forgiveness and forgive myself
that I stooped into fear
where there should have been love
and that I have stumbled down
the (self) destructive path


But I will not just seek forgiveness and forgive myself
I will take my game a step up
and I will work
on myself,
to not have to forgive myself this same thing again
I will bust myself to find creative and constructive ways
to deal with the truth
instead avoiding it
and falling prey to anxiety, aggression, anger or depression.


For I know I am built
to be better than that







Strict Motivation 1617 to a standard

We have a strandard, and we will not stoop below it.


This does mean, that there is not any work, or any effort beneath us. It is not. We will always walk that extra mile, always give it our best and never fall for the trap of arrogance and self dillusion how we are somehow too good to work. And work hard.


But there are things that are below, and beneath us. Slacking off, taking short-cuts, cheating, seeking loop holes, These things indeed are beneath us.  We will not cheapen our experience with those cheats.


We will not sell ourselves short either. We will not settle for less than what we aspire, because we do not only have but also uphold a standard. Sure sometimes the small bird in the hand is better than nothing at all, but we will still dream of the turkey and go for it. We will still want to soar with the eagles and persue the dream, step by step, even if it seems out of reach, because you can only climb a ladder step by step


We do not settle for the 3rd step when we can aspire the 5th. And we dont stoop low, even if it would be oh so convenient because we are better than that. If we arent trained enough to be better than that, we will train ourselves, and step up and keep at the best of the game, going strong and stronger, until achieving that step is effortless, and that is when we will raise that bar another notch.


Because we are achievers, we are born to excell and so we will. This is what holding us to a standard means. It does not mean we need to feel bad for not being perfect. It means to push ourselves beyond the limits of convenience and thrive for excellence, at all times.


Because we can! And so we will.


Keep Going. I got your back. #StrictMotivation




(no) help available?

I often come across situations, where people are struggling with a problem, ongoing often for years, and grow more and more frustrated with those problems festering or getting worse.


with every attempt to get rid of the problem, that fails, the dispair grows, and the frustration and the feelings of giving up and giving in.


I believe that problems are solutions in disguise and that obstacles are opportunities for growth. I believe that the only battle lost is the one you give up on. I believe that if a task cant be achieved with your tools at hand, you need to develop new skills or implement different tools, and you will have to learn and train to opperate them.



My experience is trouble-shooting and problem solving is vast. My working record of successfully implementing change where people were thinking on giving up hope is long. I have been training and improving my skills for this kind of work for close to a quarter century. And I have done it for a living for well over a decade and a half.


I am not in any way making ease or light or fun nor do I belittle, condescend or other way insult those who are struggling with their issues, who are facing problems that seem invincible and not conquerable. I do not. However I do not give up, and I do have working strategies, and workable solutions either ready, or am willing to help for you to finding them. I also have quite an excessive knowledge of complementary healing that is not paralleled or matched by many.


My services dont come free, nor do they come easy. My rates are very reasonable and affordable, but anything worth having is worth the investment. The more work I have to put in, the more expensive it is for you, evidently. So investing yourself and dedicating your effort and work into yourself actually will safe you money and you will reap the benefits on top.

anim_$1 efautumnbearanim

I often hear, what is your guarantee? And there is none. When you go see your doctor, and they prescribe a medicine, you have no guarantee it will work. You have no guarantee it will not have ill side effects. You have no guarantee it will be going down well for you. You dont even have a guarantee matters will get a lot worse. There are no guarantees. And if you can accept the fact, with medical professionals, who base their knowledge on experience, you could apply that same attitude, to the experience I have. Take it or leave it. It is (always) your call.



I also often hear, how it is unfair I dont just give out the remedies for free. But guess what, the grocery store doesnt give out food for free either. And eating and drinking are the most existancial necessities, and if you so will, a birth right, and yet, you have to pay for it. The farmer has a right to have their skill and work paid for. The hair dresser has the right to have their skills & work and products paid for. A doctor has the right to have their work and skills paid for, and I am claiming that very same right.



I have tried working pro bono before. However My experience is that when going gets tough, flight mechanisms will set in. Suddenly the aspired change doesnt seem worth the effort, and people tend giving up, thus wasting all energy invested. I dont want My energy wasted. Additionally I have found out, that people will attach the worth, once it hurt the purse meaning since you already paid you will want to actually reap the benefits and just tough it out. You see, paying up, pays off. For all involved.


You are not obliged to pay Me, for My valuable services. But if you dont pay the tab, you will not get to profit from them either. It is easy as that. I dont interfere with your free will. But you will not impose yours on Me either.



You dont have to have My services. You can keep on struggling with your same problems on your own just fine. When you do bring the problems to My doorstep, WE will find solutions, workable strategies and equip you to outgrow your obstacles. I will inspire the change and you will work for it. That is the deal.


And chances are, you will get so much better, in such short time. Like literally hundreds before you. Whether it is punctual help or a complete turn around. The more you put into it, the more you invest yourself, the faster you will get the results you believed out of reach.


I am prepared. I am equiped, I am armed and ready.

The question is, are you?




Strict Motivation: 1602 how to teach an old dog new tricks

You cannot  teach an old dog new tricks, and old habits die hard. These are statements that have  a very true ring to them, but they also serve as excuses to avoid necessary change. 


Instead of trying to change against all odds we will have to change the odds first. I call this the kung fu approach. It has not that much to do with martial arts, nor cheap B movies – it has to do with the philosophy of kung fu, to use the energy presented for your benefit, instead of using up your own energy to fighting it. Energy efficiency will in fact be much more effortless for you and help you reap the benefits of your aspirations quicker, which in turn creates the momentum to keep you going.


Strict Motivation is the answer to your dilemma. Yes, old habits die hard, but they do die if we starve them. The old dog will not be taught new tricks. The old dog will be rejuveniled first. By making the old dog feel young again, by creating circumstances where  the dog has been and learned all those tricks that trick it now, and that need to change in a hurry, we set the stage for accomplishment and step away from the failing circus you had foolishly signed up for before.


Teaching you new habits, propelling yourself in life, inspiring you and resetting your compass will help you navigate through life more efficiently, effortlessly and with much more feelings of accomplishment and happiness.


Dont waste your time with resolutions and  adding vice advices you find in eZines and print media. Dont waste yourself on free available programs that rarely ever work, because they dont take you individually into account. And dont waste your money on life coaches who do this at their leasure, with ulterior motives or who want to create long term dependencies instead of empowering you to liberate yourself from what keeps you down.


Strict Motivation is a working individually tailored life coaching program at affordable rates. It has been created and maintained for over a decade and a half and has a success rate of over 90%. Full discretion and confidentiality always is implied.



Start over fresh, but this time learn to do it right!