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People often will tell Me, that life got difficult, and I get that. Life is very hard and it often feels like it is getting tougher and tougher. We can complain the facts, we can try to change them, but most importantly we need to change our attitude.

shadow Kopie

When I go into battle, I have won already. It is a default settingNo, this is not arrogance, this is a fact.

The only battle that is lost, is the one you dont go into. You have lost it, literally. The battle is without your participation so it is lost to you. Everything it could have taught you, is gone. You are missing out an experience, and life is only about experiences anyway.

katze faul

Instead of having your mind in the gutter of polarities, you need a more holistic, more complete approach. I use Mine, and it works quite well for Me. To Me the battle is not about winning or losing. It is about experiencing and growing.

globus gold anim

When I win, I win, when I dont win I learn and that way I win again. Winning a battle means that I have grown so far, that whatever was presented I could have taken on. That I could triumph over obstacles. It is the rejoicing and elevating feeling of accomplishment. Yes, I have grown this much, now I am reaping what I had sown, now all the hard work, the sweat, the fears overcome, the whole journey feels like it is paying off.


When things dont look this bright, I am learning. I am learning from those who have grown stronger before Me. I am learning about Myself. I see where My limits and limitations are. I understand Myself better. I learn about strategies that seem to work, and strategies that seem to fail. I am learning patience, and I am learning humility.


I am embracing the battle, no matter what it brings, because the feelings we attach to the events are setting the tone, but do not define the event.

I am a warrior and the battle-field is one of My playgrounds.

Keep kickin, no givin up!

todays: StrictMotivation
the only battle you will lose,

is the one you have given up on.
Sir MEaner

© 2016



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