New Years resolutions

Every year we start out with a traditional wishing and affirmating on how we will change, but let’s be honest. Most good intentions do never come to fruition. They are like ships that crash against the riffs of reality, and sink, because old habits die hard, and nasty habits even more so.


However, this can change in a hurry. This year,  can be different from the others, because you can have help becoming a better you. We can make your New Years resolution come to fruition.



With over a decade of experience both as Disciplinarian as well as Holistic Motivational Coach, I can help you reach your goals, and improve your life, significantly, step by step.


Whether it is accademic and educational advancement you are after, or a behavior modification, we will use our consensual kinks to help you stay on top of your game, and reap the success of work invested. Strict Motivation will make the difference and help you succeed where other programs failed. 

shadow Kopie

Because if you want be your best, you have to work with the Best.