Unconditional love, conditional privileges

My love is unconditional. your comfort and privileges are behaviorally conditional, and that is how I handle things. I am upfront and consistent about this. I tell you time and again; in the writing and orally. I also tell you behaviorally. I lead by example. My love does not depend on how you behave at all. It is given. Freely, abundantly. Always. If I love you, I tell you, that I love you. And I mean it. I do love you. That does not change, even when you are being a horribly ill-behaved child at that time. Still, I love you. In ways, you cannot even begin to imagine. With an intensity second to few.
If I did not love you, I would kick you to the curb when your behavior gets out of control. I would not pray, meditate and ask God’s guidance in being your Daddy/Sir. I would not work, hard and SMart, for that matter, to tailor My #StrictMotivation to your individual needs and abilities. I would just insist on you do what everyone else does, that one size must fit all approach. But I do not do that. I do not go easy on Myself. I make individual programs for individual people based on their need and abilities, and put their best longterm interest on top of the list. My own (or their) “wants” take a back seat.
If I did not love you, I would tell you, that your lying and deceits, as well as your defiance and disrespect, hurt Me to the core (which they do) and that I will not suffer from your bad girl/boy ways, since you seem not sufficiently self-motivated to actually give enough an effort to work on your own betterment – despite having been provided Bridges (tools), Direction/Discipline, Structure, Motivation. 
I actually love you. And unconditionally. That means also, that you are forgiven your trespassings without reservations, and that I heal the emotional wounds you are causing Me, and balancing the pain you are subjecting Me to, nonconsensually at that. Because My love is My armor and My honor is My shield. Because I love you, you still have a Daddy/Sir and are still considered part of My family – even when you fall short on the very essentials.
When you do practice honestly I am thanking you for that; when you do good I am acknowledging the good behavior: I am praising you. Even though you may have lied and been dishonest, in the past, I am still talking to you. Still communicating. Still listening to your complaints and trepidations. Still reading and usually even acknowledging through a sign or a short message your texts, your posts, direct messages, emails.
Independently from what has happened in the past, I am answering every report you send. I am polite and cordial, and respectful and loving – I am not coddling and overly enthusiastic if your behavior does not justify it. That way you are inspired to actually do good in order to get My attention. You are also this way learning that attention and in that praise is much better than attention through negativity (scolding/punishments). It inspires you to work harder for betterment than just dysfunctioning and this way getting negative attention – but in essence, attention which is your main currency.
When you are not doing good, I am discouraging those behaviors through what I know will leave an impression on you. Using tools that have proven to be ineffective with you, would be a grave mistake, I will not make. Since you crave attention to the point that negative attention is for you another form of a reward, being reactive to your misbehavior through “dealing with you” would be rewarding your ill behaviors and thus ill-advised. 
You still have a family and My family still has you. you are banned from the family activities (grounded) because you were openly defiant to Daddy/Sir in His House. If you are used to that level of disrespect from your life so far, you will have to change for the better now, because I am not having it under My roof. If you want to bark like a dog and you will be banned onto the yard (figuratively) because I will not have you talk trash to Me. Thus you may learn to behave like a civilized – social – human being again. I will choose a time-out long enough to give you time to rethink the wrong of your ways.
When breaking rules and guidelines, being willfully disobedient, or casually ignorant of the behavioral expectations, or causing havoc and creation of chaos are “usual” for you, your usual will lead you by default into chaos in your life. I am opposed to your erratic, chaotic, self-defeating and (self) destructive ways. 
The only way to get you out and keep you out is to reorganize your life toward function and order. I am standing for that. I am your Daddy/Sir.  
How it may feel or may not feel to you is for you to feel, not for Me to change My ways. So, yes, I am aware you may feel crushed by the ways things currently are. They are the way, because of your behavior not because I changed My course or even stopped loving/caring or in your words”giving a sh*t”.
Do not complain, after months of dishonesty, constant omissions, or a lie straight to My face that you have to work back trust by the impeccable integrity of your behavior in that field. Be grateful I care enough to follow through and not kick you to the curb.


Be grateful somebody does not get driven off by your tantrums, and mood swings, and your emotional extortion practice, of “look how bad i feel, you must now let up on my deserved consequences so i can continue running myself in a ditch”. your thus manipulation attempts fail. (it may not be conscious manipulation, but subconscious – yet that does not change the fact it is manipulative = dishonest) 
You may feel like shit. That is OK. It is even part of the reason why I have grounded you. Why I have put you in time-out. Why I have temporarily removed privileges you had arrogantly thought you were entitled to.  The reason for your extended corner time. The reason for your temporary isolation.
Punishment is supposed to suck. It is supposed to make you feel bad. It is supposed to give you a feeling of this behavior is not worth the consequences it entails. It will thus give you a new perspective to view things. 
Right now you are in the ill belief, that just because it feels good to you momentary, it justifies doing it (and: if it feels bad to you at the moment it justifies avoiding it).
That is a failing life strategy. It is the immaturity of a child, and un-adult behavior and thinking that pushes to the conclusion. they are mannerisms of an addict too. This form of unreasonable, even if apparently logical conclusion is the root of your overall unhappiness
I am not having it. I am opposing ill behaviors, and definitely not rewarding them.
I love you. Unconditionally. Your level of comfort depends on your level of good behavior with Me
Daddy/Sir Meaner
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#pure a peek into a submissive’s mind

After any “intervention-action” dealings with one of Mine, they are instructed to send Me a feedback, be it a #pure (punishment report), #core (correction report), #dire (discipline report) or #mare (maintenance report). These feedback reports are done to My very #Sirtain specifics. Some of these reports come in bullet points, some in more or less essay form. Some are just a couple or handful of simple sentences, others almost prose. I rarely share any of the contents, and if I choose to share it is only with explicit written consent. Today’s gem is no exception, to My rules, but it is, an exceptionally well-written piece, too beautiful, thoughtful, mindful, honest and written with palpable vulnerability as to not share this gem.  written by My owned, collared submissive @SirsPantinette *


Taken In Hand by  @SirsPantinette * (name anonymized)
Impromptu Parking Lot Teaching Moment ~ through #StrictMotivation

Knew when i sent that message – “if i’m not submitting and obeying correctly – then teach me” – that i was being a bit too sassy. Did not anticipate what followed… not at all!

Your calling was a Sir prize and the fact that You stayed on the phone with me after sending me back into the Mall to buy a kitchen utensil; which yes i knew was going to be used on me in the parking lot! This made me feel immediately submissive, obedient and also it weirdly felt comforting – joined with feelings of anticipation about what was to come! Did not care and was not embarrassed to be on the phone with You or buying one small item. Did not even care if they heard me call You Sir or Daddy. i am Yours and i will do as You say when You say and that is both a grounding and mind blowing self realization.

You kindly allowed me to move my car to a more secluded part of the parking lot; which was another Sir prize because i truly believed You were going to punish me where i was parked and if there were lots of witnesses; oh well that would be on me. So, thank You so much for this generosity!


You, Daddy, are the Scolding Master! Because first You scolded me severely. In so doing You spanked my mind and heart… soundly! […] So when You shared how it hurt Your heart! Oh how i was crushed to learn that i hurt Your heart ;( That was near too much to bear.


It is during Your scolding/s that i learn just how much You know about me and it is vast! Sir prizingly so – You have a gift of clarity when You share Your insights and it reaches into the depth of my very being. It is easily identified as truth because these are things i already know about myself, but do not own, or am accepting as my truth or voice or i’m in denial about and overlooking? […]

You talked about my lack of being mindful and the moment You said it i knew just what You meant. There is no denying You when You share Your insights. What there is now is a freedom – a freedom to own and embrace these shortcomings, these ignored parts of self […] to have You hold a mirror up to my face.


Once You have placed me in the mindset where You want me then the spanking begins. You did not go easy on me no matter that i was visible for anyone walking by and at times that were people walking by and seems #SpankieMonster knew this fact! Choosing those moments to punish harder! The spoontula HURT – no, let me correct that statement – i believed that it hurt. That was until You used the [… / #SecretOfYourTrade ].
OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEEEE… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dadddddddyyyyyyyy
sobbing, crying snotty mess of a girl in my back seat ;(


You added something new to my punishment regime this afternoon. It started with the fact that You want to teach me to be mindful, present and attentive to the words that i type. Not only to the words, but how i use my pronouns. Only You receive a pronoun that is capitalized, because it is only to You that i am submissive and it is You whom i obey!

This punishment, […] to my left hand, was quite difficult to take, not only because it hurt soooo much, but also because it was not only about my being mindful of pronoun use when typing. You also punished me about O/our ongoing conversation about […] I will take what You say i deserve no matter my mind or hearts disagreement in the moment. I do not know what You do or who You are speaking to. If needed i will speak my peace later, but You are my leader and it is You whom i obey and am learning to be completely submissive too.


As much as i cried during my scolding and my spanking it was Your generous gift that broke my dam and had me crying the most. You said it so softly and matter of fact that it caught me completely by Sir prize – oh not only the gift, but my reaction! You gave me something i’ve never been granted by another person – ever! It is simply one, my collaring the other, of the best gifts i have ever been granted in my life and i cannot thank You enough for this act of thoughtful kindness ❤ You honestly and truly want me to find my voice, my true and authentic voice. Oh wow crying now with the beauty of Your gracious generosity! […] i was touched to my core and though i tried could not stop all the tears from spilling out of me. Thank You my Daddy Sir Dragon, my love, my Sun, my Moon, my Owner <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


You are well aware that both Your scolding’s and painful and harsh spankings cause tears for different reasons. They touch different parts of my being; which bring the lesson full circle. It is a beautiful and painful journey and i am made better each time i’m brought to my knees, literally or metaphorically, by You. it is a pity those girls who’s hearts and minds and souls are not touched when scolded. Thankfully i am not one of those girls. i am one of Yours!


I do apologize for being careless with my mind. i apologize for once more knowing that i was tired – too tired to be engaging – and yet still felt pulled to play. i will learn to take better care of myself and what belongs to You.
i also apologize for not acting on Your first instruction about […] Thank You Daddy for taking the time to train, teach, scold, discipline and punish me for not obeying You the first time You said […] (it). Thank You for now i have roadside assistance of a different sort! i also have the #abcd *.*





where do you go? {SM1808


we all are walking the line. the abyss is the enemy. the hope is a steep climb with no safety net –

you have a decision to make which is simple but not easy

but It is easier than you think. You can choose the abyss, or even climb, slowly descent past the line you are crawling, for descending always is easier than climbing up. you can have it easier. a lot easier. and it would seem like the better option, more convenient

because the alternative is to fight against gravity, pulling your weight up, dragging yourself at times, painful, hard, harsh at times. overcoming doubts and despairs. there will be times of standstill, and even slides down the rocky path, and climbing back up from that rock bottom. with bleeding hands, and knees. lot’s of tears. who would want to choose a path of inconvenience and pain and why for?

the descent will be more decent. calm, serene. easy peasy. you just tread easy. you know those paths, yes, it gets darker towards the valley, but… shade has its own charm, who needs the sunshine anyway?

If this was your line, you walk, that would be a super tough choice, doing what is right but feels too hard, or doing what feels doable but never worked out well for you. tough choice. and still simple

but that is NOT your line YOU are walking, because you don’t walk alone anymore.

you now walk and I have your back.


I stand behind you like a wall. like two walls closing actually. I am your Corner pushing you. I am your safety net. I am the One reason why you will not even have a choice to choose the abyss. I have eliminated the choice by the Authority vested in Me. I have chosen for you, and you have chosen for you when you chose Me to be your, stronghold against the enemy.

Now, you have eliminated the choice option, the abyss. Now fighting your way all the way up no matter what, it is. and if you feel like abyss should be the option, bury your nose in the corner, and face the dark end. Stare into the abyss of the corner, for a while, and if it takes you a day, or 10, but in the end you will want to, need to make a 180 from that abyss thought, and need to feel My strength and structure, My guidance and protection, and dare to go for the kill.

you do not walk a line. you are climbing the hill. And I have your back and butt. And I am pushing you. Past your comfort zone, past your limitations, past your abilities, because giving up is not in our vocabulary.

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

Sir MEaner
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contradicting your Sir? think again!

Oh, how tempting it is, to tell your Sir your side of the story, your point of view, your reasons for whatever you would do. Because let’s face it: you did not do, as you do, out of the blue. You have had your reasons too.
Your reasons are yours to have, and whatever you are telling yourself, that seems to justify and make it alright, can be yours to keep any day or night. Your side of the story though needs not to be talked about. because your actions have done all the talking. You already presented your case, and Sir will be having a point to make, you can trust it. If your actions have been great? you sure will get a reward. If they were lame, a punishment your Sir will award.
And you have to also learn to do as you are told and not be headstrong.  Your stubbornness does not always lead to perfection, you see; sometimes it ends in a perfect mess, with you having a bright red, spanked ass, and bubbles in your mouth to test, whether or not you should not put your disobedience to rest. Because your Sir Meaner knows best. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter Alternative Life Training #SMalt

Mercury retrograde explained

it’s mercury retrograde, electronics go ughy during that time.
that’s like, them electronics say, hey Daddy Mercury is outta whack, so us electronic babies let’s be some brats! #ShamanMagic #StrictMotivation


#food4thought: catch some tan

A good switching outside really tans the hide! #SpankieMonster

PSA: Always use sunscreen or I will make you scream! #SpankieMonster

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I tolerate a lot. I tolerate a lot of things many a top would not in a million years dream to tolerate. But I do not tolerate insubordination, aka willful disobedience/defiance. not because I am a prick, and not like I will release those who are insubordinate, but because I care more about your betterment than you are in that moment and I will not be setting you up for failure. so if you ask Me to help you get better and they are defiant and willful and try to bully Me into having it your bad ways, I will land on you like a million tons of bricks, and put a sudden end to your insubordination. Because I actually, do, care about you! #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbbetter #stepbystep #holistic #lifecoaching


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